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    Welcome to Remteck solution India Private Limited ⇨ Authorized Distributors for ⇨    

    Location:  products -> listen Products -> LED Display Controller cards -> T-series -> T16(USB LAN)

    1. The software no need to choose model;
    2. Support DIY LOGO when power on ;
    3. Support USB-disk to read back the parameter ;
    4. Unique preview window can be separated ;
    5. Concise and beautiful new UI design, more easier and flexible to use ;
    6. Support regional automatic alignment, support regional adsorption function;
    7. Naming can quickly know supported height;
    8. T series(with LAN ports) control card support LAN, WAN communication, support cluster control;
    9. Compatibile with most USB disk,long communication distance (U disk extension distance up to 10 - 15 m);
    10. Support wide voltage 3.5 V-6 V , support stable work during 40 ?-85 ? ;
    11. Support M10 led module ;
    12. WIFI controller support PC, android, IOS system, support cluster management;
    13. GPRS controller without configuration, B/S architecture without software, through WEB platform to update ;
    14. GPRS controller support the weather forecast , automatically updated every day;
    15. Bank proprietary software, adaptive screen size, hierarchical management authority;
    16. All series controllers supports secondary development.
    T16(USB & LAN)Full Descrition
    Memory 2MByte
    Adaptation Single color,Double color
    Pixels Single 128K Double64K
    Range Single :2048*32 2048*64 1024*128 512*256   Double:2048*32 1024*64 512*128 256*256
    Function Multi area display/Multi language version
    Program NO. Support 128 program,Each program 16 zones
    Area type Text/Image/Animation/Time/Analog clock/Timer/Temperature
    Frame mode Program Water frame/Area Water frame
    Clock Digital clock/Analog clock/Countup/Countdown
    Communication USB port and million ethernet interface
    Display Port 50PIN Port
    Sensor Temperature Sensor
    Brightness 16 Level brightness, Automatically adjust the period of time
    Remote Support Timing Switch/Software Switch
    Voltage 3.5V~6V
    Max Power <1W
    Temperature -40℃-85℃
    Secondary Development DLL
    Software LED Player 6.0
    Number Interface Name Description
    1 HUB12 Port Connect HUB12 module
    2 HUB08 Port Connect HUB08 module
    3 RTC Button battery RTC Power,Voltage 3V
    4 5V Power Port Wide voltage input 3.5V-6V
    5 5V Power indicator Indicating power state
    6 Sensor portConnect TEMP sensor
    7 Multifunction button Can support: 1.Test LED panel 2.Restore factory settings
    8 USB Port USB Port
    9 Ethernet port Million ethernet interface


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